Friday, February 5, 2010

And Then There Were Tooth Buds

Oliver is teething big time! I'm not sure if it's good or bad that he's teething early. On the one hand, I'd pretty much always prefer to get the hard stuff over and done with. On the other hand, he's not really able to chomp (although he's getting better) or hold teething toys to his mouth for more than 2 seconds at a time.

I can see a couple of tooth buds on his bottom (see the photo!). They've been visible for a few days, but I don't think they're getting any bigger. The last week (since 5:30pm last Friday), he's been very cranky from them, but I think they've been bothering him off and on for a month or so.

Colleen came over on Wednesday and brought about a dozen different teething toys for him. He likes the one that vibrates, but he doesn't bite hard enough to make it vibrate himself. So I hold it up to his mouth and press down for him! Ha. He also has a teething book, a teething blanket, a teething elephant (that he loves, but not for teething), and some cute little teething animal toys. It seems to help. He was in a great mood Wednesday evening and only got up twice that night. Thursday morning, he stayed in his good mood, but by the afternoon, he was freaking out.

I busted out the frozen washcloth from the freezer. He hates it so much at first, but then it must start numbing his gums because he starts sucking on it. Oooh, and my knuckle is working really well. He'll really chomp on my knuckle.

I really hope his teeth pop soon. It's very, very hard to see him in so much pain. Yesterday, he would shriek as he'd chomp on my knuckle. It went as follows: Chomp, chomp, shriek!, chomp, shriek!, chomp, chomp.

Last night, after crying for about two hours straight, he went to sleep. He only got up once at night!!! Well, I guess he got up again at 4am. I woke up to him crying softly, and it brought tears to my eyes. I went to his room. He was wiggling a bit, but he'd stopped crying. I watched him as he fell back asleep (he didn't even need me!).

This morning, he was in a great mood for about an hour, but he started crying again. Now, I'm not one of those moms who can listen to her baby cry and think, "That's his hungry cry." Almost all his cries sound the same to me, except his cries of pain. This morning, he started doing his pain cry. I cry, too, when he does that. I just rubbed his gums (which, by the way, is hard to do because I know it hurts him more at first before it starts making him feel better). Eventually, he fell asleep from that, and now he's napping away.

My poor, poor baby. I wish his teeth didn't hurt him so much. I hope so badly they pop through very soon.

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