Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Closet Crawler

My baby can crawl!

Andrew and I are trading off baby shifts by the hour today. He's upstairs with Oliver, who's playing in his jungle gym (that's what I call his play mat with the jungle animals that hang down). Anyway, I was here, at the computer, looking up CHP+ information, when Andrew yelled down the stairs, "Oliver's crawling!"

I sat here for a second thinking, "Crawling? What?" I decided Oliver must have scooted a little on his belly or something, so I ran upstairs to catch it. He was on his back, crying a bit. Andrew was on his feet, super excited.

"He crawled!" Andrew yelled. "He got up on his knees and everything!"

I begged him to tell me what happened in detail. He said Oliver was on his back. He rolled over onto his belly, then he got up on his knees and scooted like a caterpillar! Andrew said he crawled about two feet, but not in a straight line at all. Actually, he said it was kind of in a semi-circle. Then Oliver got mad and collapsed onto his belly.

All I could think of was... How can he be crawling already? And then I remembered how, at 6am, when Oliver got up for some milk, I laid him on his back He flopped instantly over onto his belly. Forty-five minutes later, he cried again to get up for the day. I went into his room, and he was on the other side of the crib, still on his belly. I wasn't sure how he'd gotten there, but it hadn't bothered me too much. Now I know! He's a crawler!

I wonder how long he's been able to do that for? Andrew says that crawling two feet followed by crying in exhaustion is probably not the definition of a crawling baby. I think it does. Hurrah!

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