Saturday, May 1, 2010

Little Swimmer

Oliver attended his second of three swim classes today (his Christmas gift from Colleen). It's such a cute class. There are about eight babies ranging in age from 6 months to 2 years old (Oliver is definitely the youngest, and next are two boys who are 8 months old). Mothers and fathers bob their babies up and down and swish them side to side. Oliver's favorite part is when he gets to pick out a toy to play with. He spends the rest of the class waving his toy around and sucking on it. Today, he chose a seal squirt toy. I kept squirting him with it, and he'd wiggle all about in the pool (while Andrew held him) trying to get at the toy! None of the other babies are that excited about their toys.

It's also fun seeing how different all the babies are. One little girl (she's 16 months old, but I don't know her name) doesn't seem very happy in the pool. She keeps making complaining noises, but her dad is always able to cheer her up. Another little boy loves crawling. There's a point in the lesson when our instructor has us put our babies up on the ledge (sitting) and let them jump into the pool (I hold Oliver since he doesn't sit well on his own). Well, this little boy takes off crawling every time his mom sets him on the ledge! It's hilarious, and she always has to chase after him.

Anyway, this class was special because Oliver got dunked for the first time! We blew hard in his face and then dipped him (nose and mouth!) into the water. He came back up and spit water out like a fish. It was sooo cute! He definitely didn't breathe any in; he just held it in his mouth and spat it. We did that a few more times, and, finally, we dunked him all the way. I wouldn't say he loved dunking, but he certainly didn't hate it. I think he generally loves swim class, although he gets cold and his gums chatter (as opposed to his teeth chattering...).

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