Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Worrying about Insurance. Again.

Insurance is so stressful. I believe that it's important to be insured, and I've known a few people who haven't been insured and ended up in bankruptcy. That said, I've never had a lapse in my insurance.

Insurance is also expensive. At my husband's work, a family plan is $850. His take home pay is roughly $2,000/month, and when you factor in our mortgage, utilities, HOA and food, his family plan is literally unaffordable to us.

Currently, I'm enrolled in a $100/month individual health plan. It doesn't cover pregnancies at all. Also, it doesn't cover anything until I meet my annual deductible (which is a few thousand). I'm pregnant and under-insured. Judge me if you must, but I'm applying for state insurance (CHP+), which is what Oliver is enrolled in. We pay a small annual fee, but he gets free preventative care and nearly-free sick care.

It's stressful to apply for CHP+. For one, you can't be insured. So, I've cancelled my insurance policy effective next week.

Next, I need (of course) documentation that I'm pregnant. I went to my PCP today and took a test in the office to get that confirmation and letter. Unfortunately, the application also says that the letter from my doctor needs to say how many babies I'm expecting. Although I assume it's just one, there's no way for my doctor to know. I'd have to go to an OB and get an ultrasound and pay for that out of pocket. That seems a little ridiculous, so I'm hoping it's a part of the application that can be filled out later.

I'm worried, though, that when I go to the health department next week, they'll insist I have that information. If they do, I'll officially be uninsured until I see an OB. That makes me so nervous. Any delay in getting presumptive eligibility is a gap in insurance.

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Samantha said...

I'm glad that you're finding something that works! It can be SO crazy expensive! We lucked out with Jim working for the government.

Will you have the same doctor that you did with Oliver? How was it having a midwife?