Friday, April 15, 2011

10 Weeks Pregnant

My pregnancy has officially hit the 10 week mark! I've gained exactly 5 pounds as of today. The weight gain is all in my waist. At the moment, other people cannot tell I'm pregnant by looking, but I can. I'm wearing larger shirts to cover my tummy because I'm at that awkward stage where I just look like I have a fat stomach, close to a beer belly. Last pregnancy, I looked this way at 13 weeks. I could either play up the fat stomach with a small maternity dress to make me look pregnant, or I could hide it. I did a little of both!

My symptoms are calming down a bit. I don't feel nauseated much. I still get really hungry when I don't eat for two hours, but most food still doesn't sound good to eat. While I still feel exhausted even when I climb down stairs, I have a lot more energy than I did when I was pregnant with Oliver. When I was pregnant with Oliver, the exhaustion made me want to cry. It was the worst feeling ever. Now, it's an inconvenience, and it's enough to make me lay down during the day while watching Oliver, but it doesn't make me want to crawl into a hole and die.

I've successfully cut out almost all of my caffeine intake. That's a huge accomplishment for me! I usually make a pot of coffee and drink it throughout the day. Now, I drink a few cups of chamomile tea instead.

I had my second appointment with my midwife last week. She'd confirmed that my uterus was definitely above my pubic bone. She couldn't yet get a heartbeat for me to hear, but I come back in on the 20th to try again. My first ultrasound is likely going to be scheduled for the 27th, and I'm excited to see the little bean. I'm also looking forward to confirming it's one little bean and not two. I've had my worries this week with my bulging stomach and insatiable appetite..

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