Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meet Joanna

Joanna is a very easy-going baby. She can usually be found sleeping. If she's not sleeping or nursing, you can typically watch her gaze around a room in wonder. She cries occasionally, but not very much at all. So far, parenting is much easier this time around!

We're getting a decent amount of sleep, considering there is a newborn at home. We have her "bed time" be from about 9pm to about 8am. During that period, she sleeps in her bassinet and gets up about four times to be nursed. She usually goes right back to sleep, but sometimes we're up with her for up to an hour, rocking her back to sleep.

At 1 week old, here is a list of Jo's likes and dislikes:

Being held
Looking at Oliver
Laying on Daddy's stomach

Bright lights
Diaper changes
Changing her clothes

Oliver's 1 Week Update

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