Sunday, May 26, 2013

Old South Gaylord Memorial Day Festival

From a Facebook post, I found out about a free festival in the Wash Park area on Memorial Day! It's called the Old South Gaylord Memorial Day Festival. The weather was a little overcast, perfect for a day out and about!

Both kids got to ride in strollers. Lucky!

The festival was small, but it was nice. There were a number of shops who pitched tents, including some artisan shops. There were also some food booths. Andrew loves fair food! The sticker prices were a little steep, but we sprung for the $6 funnel cake anyway. After all, there were no admission fees, so it was OK. Right? That's what we told ourselves, anyway. They had a station to add toppings, so Oliver got to add toppings all by himself!

There was a large bouncy castle and a small one. We paid a dollar for Oliver to jump in the small one. He was too intimidated to go in at first, but we took him around to a quieter part, and then he climbed in.

Unlike her brother, Joanna wasn't afraid at all. She said, "Peace out, guys; I'm going to play!" Well, that's what she would have said if she spoke in sentences.

Here's Jo watching Oliver from above.

I wouldn't say this festival is worth a long drive, but, if you're nearby, it's a nice way to spend an afternoon on Memorial Day weekend. Jo's favorite part was all of the dogs. Oliver's favorite part was topping the funnel cake. Not a bad day out!

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