Friday, June 7, 2013

Kid Friendly: Ice Cream in a Bag!

You can make ice cream with your kids by having them shake it in a bag! I must have seen this idea on Pinterest: kids can "churn" ice cream by shaking it in a bag full of ice. I looked online for a recipe and found a simple one on Disney's website. In a Ziploc bag, you add:

*1 cup of half & half
*2 tablespoons of sugar
*1 teaspoon of vanilla.

We made this recipe a few days ago, and that bag leaked a little. So, this time, we put that bag into a second one. Then, take one of those gallon-sized Ziploc bags and fill it about halfway full with ice, and add approximately half a cup of rock salt. Place the smaller bag with the ice cream mixture into the bag with the ice. Then, let your kid go crazy shaking it for about five minutes. Voila! Ice cream!

It's supposed to make a single serving, but we found we got two small servings out of it (perfect for our little kiddos). We did two of these each time. Each time, one came out pretty well, and the other didn't. So, this recipe is kind of hit-or-miss, but it's a lot of fun regardless!

This is our attempt on Tuesday night. One of the bags didn't churn well, but the other did fine.

Oliver actually lost his ice cream on Tuesday night for pushing his sister, so we tried again on Thursday night. The process was a lot better the second time, especially since I had Andrew to help me. Here they are loading the large bags with ice and rock salt:

Here are the kiddos shaking their ice cream bags. It took about 5-10 minutes of shaking to churn some ice cream. Oliver was so excited this time around, and he declared that he wasn't going to push Jo!

Just like Tuesday night, our attempt last night had one winner and one failure. The one that worked turned out perfectly!

I think the kids enjoyed it!

Well, it looks like we're making some progress on our summer bucket list. This past weekend, we went to the splash park at Centennial Center Park, and, today, we made ice cream!

Our updated summer bucket list:

* Watch a fireworks display on the Fourth of July.
* Bake a berry stars & stripes cake with Oliver.
* Run through the sprinklers.
* Go to a splash park.
* Play in the "creek" at the Children's Mordecai Gardens at the Denver Botanic Gardens.
* Watch our first parade.
* Ride the outdoor train at Belleview Park.
* Visit a petting zoo.
* Take the kids for a swim.
* Have a real outdoor picnic on the grass with a picnic basket.
* Watch a sunrise.
* Go for a hike in the mountains.
* Go on a road trip.
* Go out for an ice cream cone, and eat it outside!
* Make our own ice cream, and let Oliver choose the flavor.
* Pick and eat vegetables out of the garden we're growing at Grandma Judy's house.
* Eat cherry tomatoes right off the vine at Aunt Bonnie & Uncle George's house.
* Throw water balloons.
* Go tent camping overnight.
* Look at stars in the sky.
* Visit Andrew at work for lunch.
* Take the train downtown to visit Grandpa Larry for lunch.
* Go to the Fireman's Museum.
* Use sidewalk chalk.
* Blow bubbles.
* Take Father's Day photos with the letters that spell out "DAD" again.

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