Monday, May 30, 2016

Urbandale Parks Challenge: Sharon Heights Park

We've visited our 8th park in the Urbandale Parks Challenge. We drove up north past Meredith Drive to check out a neighborhood park called Sharon Heights Park. So far, it stands out as one of my favorites in Urbandale (along with Walker-Johnston Park and Walnut Creek Regional Park). 

(OK, somehow that picture came out looking like a miniature)

It's a neighborhood park, tucked back behind houses, but the trails were busy! We saw families ride by on their bikes, and elderly couples going for a stroll. Some homes didn't have fences, and they had their gardens right out beyond the borders of the park. We walked by rows of corn!

The playground was fairly typical (I don't want to make it sound too extraordinary!), but it did have one fast slide, a cool climbing wall to get from one section of the playground to another, and a line of mushrooms to climb on. There was also a tire swing in addition to standard swings.

I enjoyed all the beautiful, healthy trees growing around the park. I sat on a bench for a bit and watched the kids. It was relaxing! Then I decided I wanted to try walking across the mushrooms, just because they looked too cool to not investigate.

After I took a picture from on top of the mushrooms, the kids insisted I take their picture on the mushrooms, too.

A couple more views of the park:

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