Friday, April 30, 2010

6th Month Well Visit & the Crying Baby

Let me begin by saying that Oliver almost never cries anymore. He cries on occasion when I lay him down in his crib, and that's it. If he's ever unhappy about something, he lets me know by grunting or making other "protest" noises. However, any time I leave him with a "stranger" (i.e., grandparents), he freaks out and doesn't stop crying.

Today, we went to the doctor for his 6 month well visit. It was our first time to this pediatrician's office, and I loved it there. They had separate offices for well visits and for sick kid visits. Sweet!

Anyway, Oliver was his usual curious, content self. Then the doctor came in. She turned him towards her, and he started shrieking. He didn't stop until she was done and he was "safe" in my arms. Then, every time she's start talking to him, he'd start flipping out again. I'm so out of practice with calming him when he's crying that I got flustered and didn't know what to do. I didn't feel in control until she finally left and it was just Ollie & me.

In other news, she cleared him to start some basic finger foods like Cheerios, peas, small peach pieces and small banana pieces. She asked me how he does with grasping very small objects like those, and I told her I didn't know because he's never had anything small before. She told me to try it. Also, she told me I can increase his food feedings to twice a day!

I have Cheerios at home, so as soon as we walked in the door, I put him in his high chair and set Cheerios out in front of him. Yeah... he couldn't grab those. He smashed them and flung them on the floor. I put one in his mouth, and he loved it. He mashed it all around until it was soft. How cute! I gave him another and another. When I held one out on my hand, he didn't try to reach for it himself. Instead, he just opened his mouth and tried to get it that way. Ha! This is fun and new, though, and I'm very excited to try finger foods once a day.

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