Monday, October 4, 2010

Cider Days

Our town of Lakewood has an annual festival called Cider Days, and, apparently, it's a big deal. It's a two day event where kids can see animals at the petting zoo, people can bring or buy their own apples to press into cider, and everyone can relax and watch a tractor pull. To get in, it costs $6.

We went on Saturday. Although we had a lot of fun, I thought that was a little pricey considering 1) we didn't bring or buy the expensive apples to press into cider, 2) Oliver was too young to really do the petting zoo (although I let him get an up close look at the yak), and 3) the tractor pull had no shade, so we couldn't stay there for longer than a few minutes.

The rest of the festival consists of booths selling fair food and goods. It felt like we paid money to get the opportunity to, well, spend more money. I guess that's typical of fairs here, though. I bought a spiced cider, and Andrew got a funnel cake.

We met our good friends Dom and Corinne there. They brought their pup, Zoe, whom Oliver loved to watch. She was a really good dog. As a puppy, of course, she has a lot of energy and jumps, so we couldn't just plop Oliver down next to her or anything, but she's a very sweet dog, and Oliver could pet her with close supervision.

Two hours at the fair was enough, and the day in the sun left me in need of a nap!

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