Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Snuggle Bear

I don't have many friends with kids, but of the ones who do, most have complained at some point or another that their babies aren't snugly any more. A few months ago, one of my friends noted that there's an upside to her boy getting sick--he loves to snuggle his mom! Another one of my friends mentioned that her favorite part about being a mom is when her boy gets tired because that's when he likes to snuggle. I think that's so sweet!

Me... well...

I don't exactly have those problems. Our Oliver loves to snuggle. He wants to be held and snuggled all the time. When he's grumpy, one of his favorite things is for me to carry him in my arms like he's a little baby and rock him and sing, "Rock-a-Bye, Baby." He loves to nuzzle his head into our necks and shoulders, he always wants to nurse, and if we're not carrying him, he can frequently be found clutching our legs. My favorite thing is that he already knows the word and the sign for "kiss." Rather, he doesn't say or sign "kiss," but he knows it so well that I can ask for a kiss with a word or a sign, and he'll plant one on me. It's very cute.

I try--and usually succeed--to appreciate how much we get to snuggle and cuddle him. Really, laying down next to him and singing songs and making him laugh while he climbs all over us is one of my favorite things. However, sometimes it's exhausting to always have someone at your side. During those few times of the day when he goes off to explore on his own, it feels so good to be able to take a few steps without a baby in my arms or wrapped around my knee. Sometimes, I even have to be a little stern with him. He'll whine and bounce up and down on my foot to pick him up, and I'll tell him, "In five minutes. Mommy's drinking her coffee." He doesn't understand that yet.

Honestly, we don't neglect him. Sometimes, I just want a little bit of physical space, so I'll sit down next to him to play. That occasionally works. About half the time, though, that's not good enough, and he'll throw a tantrum if I put off holding him for too long.

Really, he reminds me of Bailey in so many ways (for those of you who knew my late dog). He begs for my food. I can't eat anything without him doing everything he can to climb on me to get it. Sometimes, it's cute and funny. Other times--when I'm eating soup, for example--it's less funny.

I guess I'm trying to say that Oliver is much more clingy than many other babies his age, and it has its pros and cons. I love that he loves me. I love that he likes to be held and loved. I love affection! However, I long for the day when I can go to the bathroom in private or brush my teeth without a baby in my arms.

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