Sunday, February 20, 2011

Early Signs of Pregnancy

I won't be publishing this post for months. I want to write what I'm feeling now, but I don't want to share it with everyone until a big announcement is made in a few weeks or months.

Well, Andrew and I started trying for another baby this week. I think it's worked. Even though it's insanely early, I feel like I already have pregnancy signs. Two days ago, I had an upset stomach. I dismissed it as a coincidence or the power of thought. Well, yesterday morning (Saturday), I woke up to get Oliver. As soon as I sat up, my stomach did a flip-flop. I didn't even have pregnancy on my mind, but as soon as my stomach did its thing, I thought immediately of it. Well, this morning, I started to get menstrual-like cramps. I'm not due for my period for nearly two weeks, so I'm wondering if this couldn't be a (very) early sign of pregnancy.

I leave for Miami to visit one of my best friends at 11pm on March 4. We'll take a test the morning before I leave. Hopefully, we'll know for sure when that time arrives!

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