Monday, February 7, 2011

Oliver Feeds Froggy, the Stuffed Frog

For the last few months, Oliver's grown increasingly interested in pretend play. From articles I've read, I've known it to be early (I read that age two is about the time kids start to play pretend with their dolls). Still, when Oliver tries to put his sunglasses on Monkey or makes Monkey jump on the bed, I know I'm not deluding myself. He really is playing. Plus, he often laughs when I have Froggy or Monkey act out an activity (like brushing their teeth, which Oliver has also mimicked).

Well, today, after he woke up from his nap, I gave him a snack of chopped up turkey dog and Goldfish crackers. Oliver pointed to something on the floor and babbled. I looked down, and there was Froggy, his stuffed frog. I said, "Would you like Froggy?" I gave him to Oliver, and Oliver laid Froggy on his shoulder. I thought it looked cute, so I pulled out the camera to snap a photo of him eating with Froggy on his shoulder. Then, imagine my surprise! Oliver grabbed some turkey dog and held it to Froggy's head! OK, so it was the back of his head. Still! I was so surprised!

"Good boy!" I told Oliver, "Froggy must be hungry." Oliver smiled and held up Froggy to me. I told Oliver, "Froggy might want a kiss. Can you give Froggy a kiss?" Oliver did (that's normal behavior for him). Then, he fed Froggy again. I tried to get a picture, but it wasn't very clear. So, I held up Froggy to him and asked, "Can Froggy have some more turkey dog?" Sure, enough, Oliver fed him for a third time.

This "pretend" play is so much fun! Here are the shots from his shared meal:

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