Monday, April 1, 2013

Pre-School Science: Color Eruption

For Easter, Grandpa Paul & Grandma Colleen gave Oliver an egg beater. We spent part of Easter with Paul's family, and Oliver had fun sitting on the counter, beating a mixture of water and soap in the sink. I wanted to give him something to beat at home, and so I decided to let him beat together baking soda and vinegar.

Here's what you need for this activity:

*Baking soda
*food coloring (optional)
*a large bowl
*a small pitcher or measuring cup with a spout
*a whisk

First, I took a pitcher of vinegar and dyed it blue. Warning: this can stain!

Then, in a large mixing bowl, I added about a quarter cup of baking soda. I dyed it yellow and added just enough water so I could stir it.

Here's Oliver's activity, all set up:

Oliver poured the blue vinegar into the yellow baking soda, and it foamed up to the top of the bowl! Of course, it also turned green.


Oliver kept asking for more vinegar. I gave him a few pitchers full of plain vinegar to pour in again and again. It continued to foam, but the "eruption" got less and less each time.

The mixture continued to fizzle and foam a bit as Oliver mixed away. He loved it! It kept him busy until quiet time, actually!

We used blue and yellow to make green. You can use blue and red to make purple, or you can use red and yellow to make orange. Remember that this stuff can stain your kitchen towels, table, floor, skin, and clothes!

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