Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oma, my great-grandma, had a chair that she got shortly after immigrating to America. My mom said she had it for as long as she can remember. It was reupholstered sometime in the 60s. After that, my Grandma Jo used the chair in her room and reupholstered it pink. Now, the chair is being passed to me. By "passed" to me, I mean my mom and her siblings all chose the items they wanted from my Grandma's condo, and this was left behind. It was going to be donated, but I asked to keep it. I recently got some new curtains from IKEA for $3 that I'm shortening, so I used the extra fabric to reupholster the chair again.

I flipped the chair upside-down and loosened the screws. Oliver was able to finish unscrewing it himself! I stretched the new fabric over the top and used a staple gun to secure it on the underside. The project was really easy, minus the fact that I was a little afraid of the staple gun. After that, I got Oliver to help me screw the seat back onto the chair. I think the finished product is pretty cute!

You can see the layers of fabric here. I'm not sure what the original fabric was.

Here's Oliver, working hard!

And here is our new chair!

Here's a video of Oliver working so hard to screw the seat back onto the chair. It was easier taking it off!

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