Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Preschool Activity: Learning to Sew Mittens

My cousin has a son who is about the same age as Oliver. He was born two months earlier, but they are separated by a grade in school due to the cut-off. She posted about an activity he did recently to learn how to sew. I decided to test it out with Oliver!

For this activity, you need paper, scissors, a hole punch, yarn, and a yarn needle. You can also get out stickers & crayons to decorate the finished product.

I cut out the outline of a mitten on two sheets of paper. Then, I used a hole punch and punched holes along the edges of the mitten for Oliver to sew along. I started the first stitch so I could knot it myself. Then, I taught him to sew by going over and under with his needle. He picked it up quickly!

The mitten wasn't big enough for his hand, so we put it on his stuffed animals. He was very proud of himself.

Here's the finished product, decorated with Minnie Mouse stickers:

I also have a video of Oliver sewing. He's very chatty these days.


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