Thursday, July 7, 2016

Urbandale Parks Challenge: Lions Park

Lions Park is located directly across Aurora Avenue from the Urbandale Aquatic Playground. So, we decided to stop there for lunch! There were plenty of picnic tables, including some under a covered shelter (which can be reserved).

When the kids were full, we headed over to check out the park! Just minutes before, it had been bustling with a few day care groups, but they must have left on a lunch break. The park was moderately well shaded, and none of the slides were too hot when we arrived around noon.

The best feature about this park, in my opinion, is that is has playground equipment for a wide range of age & ability. In addition to a standard-sized playground (above), there's a small playground for little kids (below).

Then there was a jungle gym that looked so cool! I'm sure even bigger kids would have fun climbing on some of this stuff.

Another cute feature is the parent-and-baby swing, so parents can swing with their little ones.

Bonus picture of a Minion garbage can we found:

Lions Park seems like a great place for a group gathering, or anyone who has (or is caring for) kids of varying ages. I've noticed there aren't many parks that are good for toddlers and big kids, but this is one of them!

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