Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pinterest Challenge Day 25: Shadow Puppets

Today's bin just barely got done because I procrastinated. If there wasn't just 5 days left in the challenge, I probably would have just decided to chalk today up as a failure. None the matter, I got it done under the buzzer!

I completed a pin that I think Oliver is really going to enjoy:

Shadow puppets! I mostly just used the pin for the idea. The detail in the work involved was a little much for me, so I simplified it to have not-quite-as-nice shadow puppets.

All I did was look online for silhouettes of animals using Google Images. I then printed out the animal silhouettes onto photo paper. I cut them out (didn't reinforce them) and glued them onto popsicle sticks. I strengthened the bond with a single piece of tape. That was it!
To make them work, all you need is a flashlight (or other safe light source) and a dark room. Shine the light onto each puppet, and enjoy looking at its shadow on the wall.
I just finished this pin, and Oliver's already asleep. So, it won't be tested tonight. I'll be sure to play with the shadow puppets soon, and I promise to update my blog with the results!

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