Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Age four has got to be the funnest age. Oliver was able to understand what the new year is, and he got so excited to celebrate! We went to Target to pick out noise makers and hats. He told everybody, "Happy New Year!" After his daddy got home, Oliver told him that we were going to have a party. The kids helped me dip strawberries into chocolate (strawberries are Jo's favorite). We also made deviled eggs and stuffed mushrooms. I picked up a pomegranate to eat tomorrow because it's supposed to be good luck to eat pomegranate on New Year's day.

Jo's wearing a mitten and eating a strawberry, as expected. Oliver's figuring out the noisemakers.

Andrew & Joanna

We drank sparkling juice in fancy glasses. Oliver made sure we all drank juice.

Jo wasn't too sure about the hats... at first.

We waited until 7:30pm, and then we counted down the new year! Andrew pulled up a countdown from YouTube. It was from last year, but oh well! We yelled "Happy New Year!" and then Oliver banged the pots & pans.

The aftermath:

A video of Oliver's countdown:


Happy New Year!