Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friends and the Ridge Mall

I met my friend, Sam, and her husband, Jim, and son, Charlie, at the mall in my hometown of Chicago Ridge. Oliver is currently half of Charlie's age, and I love hearing (and now seeing!) what Charlie's up to. It let's me know what to expect during each of Oliver's stages.

Eighteen-month old Charlie has an incredible amount of energy! He'd run from activity to activity, easily able to run and climb and work the more interactive toys at the mall's play area. He'd get a little peeved at having to leave one fun thing, but just as quickly as he got upset, he was happy again. What amazed me the most was how quickly he went down for a nap. Sam mentioned it was his nap time, so they gave him his pacifier and sat him in the stroller. Within minutes, he was sound asleep.

Oliver didn't know what to make of all the kids in the play area. He doesn't see many other children, so he just sat and stared at them in awe. At one point, we moved away from Oliver's owl toy, and a little girl (who couldn't be much older than two) picked it up and handed it to him. It was so cute!

Sam's expecting her second baby in January (the same month of Charlie's birthday), so we browsed the clearance racks, looking at newborn baby outfits. I have to say, little girl outfits are always cuter than little boy outfits. I told her she's in trouble if she has a little girl!

After a couple of hours, Oliver and I left. I knew it was getting close to his nap time, and, unlike Charlie, my little man doesn't typically go down for naps as easily. We left just in time because Oliver threw a fit the whole way home! I bet Sam and Jim won't believe me that I said that because my Ollie Bear was the perfect gentleman at the mall. He can get pretty upset, though, let me tell you!

Sam, it was wonderful getting to meet your family. Your husband is so nice, and your son is so smart and fun! We're both very lucky ladies, and I'm glad I got to see you again after all these years!

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