Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mom, how did you get in this thing?

Andrew took Oliver to his mom's last night so I could sleep through a night uninterrupted. By morning (7am), I was missing my little bear like crazy. I emailed Andrew and told him to come home as soon as they were up!

Twenty minutes later, I got a call from Andrew. They'd been playing, having a good time. He said they'd head home. Then he told me to talk to Oliver, and he'd hold the phone to his ear. I said, "Good morning, Ollie Bear! I miss you so much. I heard you were such a good little boy and playing with your grandma and daddy." Andrew said he freaked out in excitement and started diving for the phone! I guess my little guy misses me, too.

I love you, Ollie Bear! Just a few more minutes until I get to hold you again!

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