Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oliver's Growing Vocabulary

It's official; Oliver now can say four words. In addition to "more," "Mum," and "Dah," Oliver now says, "Shhhh," for "shoe." "Shoe" came close to being his first word. Weeks ago, I'd begun saying, "Shoe!" every time I'd put mine or his on. He started repeating "Shhh" one day, but by the next day, he'd forgotten how to do it. Now, he's eager to say, "Shh!" every time he sees a shoe. He calls his socks "Shh," too.

Oliver understands a much longer list of words. He knows and (usually) listens to, "No!" He also understands the words microwave, fan, stairs, up, down, bye-bye, high five, stack (as in, "stack these toys"), good boy, good night sleep tight, milk, Cheerios, kiss, nose, piggies (toes), boop (poop), potty (which he learned yesterday), clean, peek-a-boo, monkey, and Eskimo (we say "Eskimo" for "Eskimo kiss").

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