Friday, December 10, 2010

Our Son's Bipedal!

Oliver took his first steps! Recently, he's started making a big production out of letting go while standing. It's adorable. He'll hold onto his push-walker and then let go and wave his arms while we cheer.

Today, Andrew was on the couch, and Oliver was standing at the coffee table. He turned to Andrew and took a single step to reach him! At first, Andrew wasn't sure what to think, but when Oliver did it again, he called me over. I was so excited! Oliver didn't want to do it again; he wanted to crawl into my lap. So, I stood him up in front of me, facing me. I slowly let go, and he shuffled his feet forward twice to reach me. Amazing!

This day is already marked in his baby book because Oliver has officially taken his first steps. Go, Oliver!

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