Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Slacker Half-Marathon Relay

Saturday morning is the Slacker Half Marathon relay in Georgetown! I'm pumped, but I'm also hoping I can make adequate time. My longest run is 4 miles, and this one will be 4.4 miles. Thankfully, it's downhill (hence the title, "Slacker"), but I'm also worried it'll cause more pain in my knees to run downhill. I guess we'll see!

Last week, I ran another 5k with my mom, the Summer Solstice run. I didn't do so well (just over 40 minutes). I knew after work that I'd be too tired to make good time, but it still felt discouraging.

Today, I was determined to run 3 miles. I went to the gym and hopped on the treadmill. Right before I started it up, the maintenance man from the apartment came by and told me he had a complaint earlier that the treadmill was acting funny. He said to let him know if it did anything weird.

I started it up and walked .05 miles to get my heartrate up, and then I started to run. After running a quarter mile at a good pace, it stopped. It went back to the main screen, saying, "Press start to begin."

Crappy. I went and let the maintenance guy know, and he's going to have to call it in.
I definitely need to get a good run in before Saturday, though! I guess I'll call my mom and see if she wants to run with me tomorrow.

I can't wait for Saturday! My dad, Andrew and Aminta are coming to cheer us on. I might bring Cactus (Phuong's fiance from Hong Kong) with, too, if he's up for it. He arrives today!

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