Monday, February 9, 2009

Gotta Love the Scrubs!

So, as it turns out, people actually read this thing. That's motivation enough for me to log in on a more frequent basis and ponder the chaos of my little life.

I'm sitting here in my scrubs, and I feel so cozy. Scrubs are just like PJs, only you can wear them outside and to the grocery store without the weird looks from strangers. I love them. I really, really love them.

The job's not bad, either. I have a boss who mostly likes to talk with us about her life and share funny stories. The girls I work with are so friendly to me, and very patient, considering the fact that I have -zero- medical experience. The nurses are my favorite. From a few rooms away, I can still hear them, exasperated, trying to help people with their various problems. There's at least one patient that makes me laugh uncontrollably every day. Is that bad?

And, of course, I get to work with Colleen, my mother-in-law, and her best buddy, Jean. I like working with Colleen. In addition to having a ride most mornings, she helps teach me about different GI diagnoses and treatments. This way, I slowly (slowly) feel more confident answering the phones.

It's weird working Monday through Friday, 8:30-5pm. I mean, I like it very much, and I like the regularity. But it's weird. Every day, I come home, and Andrew's there. I find myself cleaning less because he's around, and we can be doing things like.... cooking together, playing Rock Band, whatever. So I need to be more productive with my time. Also, I need to get better at finding more personal time. And time to work out. You can see that this becomes difficult to resolve.

I think I want to request a random day off, once I have vacation. Just time to clean and then do nothing by myself. Unfortunately, I was also called for jury duty on the first Monday of March. My dad told me they choose the grand jury on the first Monday of the month. Not that I'd mind jury duty; I just mind having to not show up to work at a new job and having to drive downtown. Still, the possibility of not working for a couple weeks puts a kink in the random vacation day idea.

Ah well.

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