Friday, March 27, 2009

It's a fetus!

This week, we officially have a fetus! It has all its organs. My modified due date is October 26, and I'm anxious for my next visit on Wednesday to make sure everything's going well.

Andrew and I have adjusted to the idea of being parents. He loves the ultrasound picture and smooches my belly. Which, by the way, I think is starting to grow! Or maybe that's just me...

I lost 5 pounds during the first weeks of the pregnancy, and now it appears that I've gained 4 of them back. That's a lot of gain! I think I read that you're only supposed to gain 3-5 during the first trimester. Ooops. I've definitely gotten my appetite back. At work, I go to lunch at 12pm. Around 10:30am, though, I start getting the worst hunger pains that turn to nausea. As soon as I eat, they disappear. Which makes me want to eat every time I feel hungry... but I'm thinking maybe smaller servings!

It also doesn't help that I'm so exhausted all the time. Actually, things have improved this week some. I can stay awake at work now, for one thing. But I take a lot of naps at home and find it nearly impossible to get up in the morning. I've tried to work out a bit and go for long walks when I don't feel too tired, but as soon as I do, it drains me, and I come home and sleep.

But, yes, my belly is feeling a bit tighter. When I bend over, I feel a weird pressure, so I'm trying not to bend over too much. I've stopped wearing my regular jeans in favor of maternity jeans to keep the pressure off my tummy. They're unusually comfortable. It's going to suck going back from all these comfy clothes to normal clothes again one day.

Meanwhile, when I'm not working or sleeping, Andrew and I are house hunting. Let me tell you, it is not easy! Still, I'm confident we'll find something soon...


Samantha said...

Hunger pains - for sure quench those with snacks to stop the nausea!!

Don't worry about gaining too much! You're pregnant and EVERY woman is different. You're also a little smaller, so can afford to gain more! I can't wait to follow your pregnancy even more!!

And make sure you keep us posted with baby bump pics!

Samantha said...

Oh and having it the date after my birthday is perfect, of course, if you went early, like I did, the 25th (my bday) would be just fine!

Samantha said...

Sorry - another few comments!

Post pics of the ultrasound! Did they tell you what the heartrate was?

Also, Jim read to Charlie in the womb every night and sang his ABCs. Charlie recognized Jim's voice right away and loves nightly reading time now!

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