Monday, January 9, 2012

Two Months

Joanna turned two months old yesterday! Oliver's first few months seemed to fly by (flashback to his 2 month update), and Jo's are no different.

She's very interactive with us. She babbles and gurgles, and she's very smiley. In general, she's very happy. She really doesn't cry much. In fact, when she wakes me up at night and in the morning, it's usually by cooing and talking from her bassinet. When she does cry, there's almost always a reason (that reason is usually wanting a nap or wanting a new diaper).

As far as babies go, Jo is a great sleeper. She usually sleeps from about 8:30pm to about 7:30am, and she usually gets up twice around 2am and 6am. About once or twice a week, she treats me to an 8 hour stretch of sleep. On the flip side of the coin, she also decides not to sleep well on occasion. About once a week, she wakes up every hour and a half to nurse. Those mornings, I'm pretty miserable.

Jo is still sleeping swaddled at night, and she naps swaddled about half of the time. When she's up, she nurses every 2-3 hours. I enjoy the longer times between nursings. Oliver wanted to nurse all day long! It's nice to be able to get out sometimes without worrying that she'll flip out at whoever is watching her. Just as Oliver did, she's decided she no longer likes bottles. So, that means no long excursions away from the home, but I find I don't feel the need to get away like I did when Oliver was a baby. I think that's because Jo isn't screaming all the time!

Jo doesn't take a pacifier, but she is a master at putting her hands to her mouth and sucking. She doesn't suck her thumb yet, but I'm sure she will in due time. However, I thought Oliver was going to be a thumb sucker, and that never materialized.

Her eyes are currently blue. Her hair is still quite dark in the back, but it's much lighter on top and in the front. It's very soft and fuzzy. She's very "tall" for her age (23.75", which is the 91st percentile). She has big feet and outgrows the feet in her clothes before anything else. She no longer fits her 0-3 month clothes, and she's pretty much outgrown her size 1 diapers. She still isn't wearing our cloth diapers yet, but she should fit into them soon!

Jo's likes:

*Daddy. He's her favorite person.
*"Talking" to be people and smiling at them
*Sucking her hands
*Getting her diaper changed
*Watching Oliver
*People playing with her feet
*Having someone help her "run" as she lays on her back

Jo's dislikes:

*Wet diapers
*Her car seat

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