Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Southern Fried Pickle Spears

When visiting Texas in 2010, I was introduced to fried pickle chips at a restaurant with Andrew's extended family.  They were slices of pickles that had been fried and were served with a dipping sauce.  He and his family wouldn't believe me that I hadn't even heard of such a food item, much less tried them.  They were good!  Of course, this is coming from a person who loves pickles.

What luck, I actually have a photograph of the pickle chips I tried:


Then, a few weeks ago, Pillsbury posted a link to a fried pickle spear recipe.  I knew I had to try it, and so I pinned it to my Pinterest board:

Andrew was on board to help me with them, and so we breaded and fried the pickle spears and served them up with a side of ranch.

The fried spears were so good.  They were also so filling.  The serving size is supposed to be three, but I could barely eat two.  I wanted to eat more because they were so delicious, but I couldn't.  Andrew packed away four or five, and he got sick to his stomach.  I was sad to hear him swear off fried pickles for the rest of his days.  I like to think he doesn't mean it.  I'll wait a few months and see about making them again.  Until then, I'm counting the days!

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