Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rampart Park: Shady Playground

While Kendrick Lake Park is my favorite playground to take the kids to in the fall and winter, Rampart Park is our park of choice in the summer.  It's the only park I've found nearby that is nicely shaded.  I don't have to worry about Oliver getting burned by the equipment.  Oliver has gotten burned on many playgrounds here, even as early as 9am.  He actually still refuses to go down slides, and it's been months since he was scalded on the slide at Kendrick Lake Park.  The direct sun here is just so brutal.  

Check out the shaded playground equipment!

The only downside to this playground is that we've never seen another kid here. Not one. We come a few times a week in the summer, and it's always deserted. I wish there were
kids around so Oliver could get some socialization.

Photos of the kids enjoying Rampart Park:

Oliver is his mother's son.  He hates the bright sun and cries when we leave the house.  He shouts, "It's too bright!"  Sunglasses are pretty much a permanent fixture on his face when we go outdoors.  He complains when things are too hot, and if we play outside during midday, he asks to go back in.  Rampart Park is pretty much our shady outdoor oasis in the summer time.  If your child is sun-sensitive like mine, check out this park!  Or, if you know of any other shady play areas in the Denver area, share them below because I'd love to take Oliver.


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whirledpeas1129 said...

Thanks! Your link didn't work for me. Well, the page wouldn't load.