Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hudson Gardens in Littleton

Last week, the kids and I met up with my sister-in-law, Jessica, and nephew, Sawyer, at the Hudson Gardens in Littleton. I've actually never been there, despite having gone to college literally across the street from this place for a couple years!

Hudson Gardens has free admission. I think they make their money off of their gift shop, concerts, and classes. Most of the area is natural, and only a small part seemed to be developed gardens.

It was a pretty place to take a stroll, but there was very little shade. The heat in the direct sun got to be a little much. We had fun, but I think Hudson Gardens would make a better stop in the fall or winter--certainly not the late spring or summer!

As is normal for our climate, there were trees along the river. They provided shade in a few spots, so we stopped by the river a couple times to cool off.

After saying bye to the tunnel, we stopped over at the Starbucks in Aspen Grove. It was so nice to have some AC! Oliver got Jo's high chair, and we sat down: the kids with their chocolate milk & cake pops, and me with a coffee frappuccino. Here's my rosy-cheeked boy and my cool-as-a-cucumber little girl:

You can't beat free! I think we'll go back to Hudson Gardens again, maybe in November when the weather will be better for it.

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