Saturday, December 14, 2013

Is my jingle worth $5,000?

I am excited, anxious, nervous, and even a little embarrassed. Last week, I submitted a jingle (that's right; I sang on camera) to a radio contest. Today, voting is open! You can vote for entries here.

KOSI 101 is a station in Denver that is known for starting its Christmas music in November. I almost exclusively listen to talk radio year round, but that changes close to Thanksgiving when I turn the dial to KOSI. Well, they announced a contest a couple weeks ago. Listeners could submit a jingle to their favorite Christmas tune about Colorado Lottery scratch tickets. One winner will get $5,000!

I am not one to shy away from a contest. Do you remember the cake decorating contest I entered a couple years ago? I didn't win, but I worked hard and had a lot of fun. I think there ended up being under 30 entries for that contest, and, of those, like 4 of them were mine! Sure, sometimes you don't win, but you definitely won't win if you don't enter. Take this contest. There are 63 entries! Do you know what that means? Each of us who had the courage to enter this contest have a 1 in 63 chance of winning $5,000. Really, when do you ever see odds like that for a prize like that?!

You can check all of the entries out here. If you like my entry, I encourage (beg?) you to take a minute to vote for it! The order of the video submissions is random, but you can spot me in the green shirt, wearing a star on my head. People can vote as many times as they want, so don't be shy!