Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Columbus Park

Columbus Park is one of our regular parks. It's a bit of a drive for us, but my kids really love the sprayground here. It's always jumping when we go. The picnic tables under the pavilion are usually filled up, and there are frequently people there for the day with packed lunches. It's clear we're not the only ones who love it!

Notice the splash pad area is in the shape of a ship. Let me build the suspense here by saying that's not the only ship at this park. Parents of kids who love playing pirates, keep reading...

Here is a short video of some of the spray features at the park:

The water that runs off from the park is funneled down a runnel before it empties down a drain. So, the kids enjoyed splashing around the little creek it made.

OK, I made you wait until the end to show off the playground. It's a pirate ship! OK, OK, it's probably not meant to be a pirate ship since this is Columbus Park. It's probably meant to be one of his three ships. But, come on, you know the kids all call it a pirate ship. And while there are a few pirate ship parks around the city (like North Karen Acres Park and Coronado Park in Urbandale), but none of them look this grand with the shredded flags.

Although the picture I took of the playground looks empty at the moment, the kids were all running between it and the splash park. There were kids climbing on the bow of the ship (or is it the stern?). There were kids climbing on the monkey bars and just having a ball.

I've got to say, for our family, Columbus Park is definitely one of our top park destinations. I've been contemplating creating a top 10 parks list for the Des Moines area. When I do, I know this park will be on it!

Oh, and there are tennis courts and a basketball court located at this park. Additionally, the park is very easy to get to, as it's on Indianola Avenue, just south of downtown.

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