Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How Do Moms Do it All?

Sometimes, I have no idea how other moms manage to do things. I got up for the day after Oliver's 4am feeding to have a couple of hours to myself (finally got a shower!) before he got up for the day a few hours later.

We've spent the day playing and cuddling and exploring. We've practiced walking and standing and crawling. I tried to get dishes done while he played with some toys (I unloaded half the dishwasher) and then tried to clean the counters while holding Oliver.

At 11am, I still wasn't dressed, Oliver still hadn't napped, and the house still needs work. I had to call Andrew and cancel our plans with his friends (actually, I told him, "I can't have them here. You can take Ollie and go there if you want").

I feel so overwhelmed when I try to have people come over. Suddenly, the smallest thing (like getting dressed, having the dishes done and the toys picked up) seems impossible to have done in time. I don't know how other moms with young ones do it, especially those with more than one kid. I think, either their kids are a little more independent than mine or they let their kids cry or they let their house stay a mess.

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