Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Oliver went to bed last night at about 6:45pm. Andrew said he woke up around 11pm for just a few minutes but put himself back to sleep (I was so tired, I slept through that!). Then, at 3am, Oliver woke. He started babbling instead of nursing, and then he tried to play patty-cake. It was no use. Oliver was up for the day.

I tried to get up with him, but I was so tired, I was dizzy. After twenty minutes, I had to wake Andrew for help. He wasn't much better. In fact, he fell asleep twice at the kitchen table. I was so tired, too, that I started to shake. That's when Andrew told me to go to bed. He took Oliver up to his room and rested on the floor while Oliver crawled all around him. Finally, at about 4:30am, Oliver rested his head on Andrew's stomach and fell asleep. Andrew carried him to the crib, where he slept until 7am.

I'm so grateful for the extra couple hours of sleep, but, I'll tell ya, I'm really desperate for more shut eye. I think I'd better hit the sack when Oliver does tonight. Hopefully, he'll sleep straight through to 3am so I can get an eight hour stretch of sleep. Then (fingers crossed!), I hope he'll go back to sleep for another couple hours.

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