Thursday, August 26, 2010

Let Me Tell You Somrthing About Nearly-10-Month Olds

They get into stuff. Not just stuff. They get into everything.

Yesterday, I posted about the perils of shampoo bottles. That was just the beginning. Oliver discovered fun in pulling on electrical cords yesterday. I unplugged his monitor and set it up high because it was just a matter of time until he pulled it down onto his head. Situation remedied, right? Wrong! Oliver decided to try to get into the wall socket. Gah! So I plugged those up with baby-proof plugs.

Later in the morning, I started to sweep the floors downstairs. Sweeping isn't the easiest task with a baby. Oliver loves grabbing at the broom and swinging the dust pan around. I make a game out of it and pretend to sweep him up. Now, typically, Oliver crawls after me from room to room as I go. However, when I was sweeping in the dining area, I realized he remained back in the TV room. That's not good. I walked into the room, and there he was with one of the baby-proof plastic corners shoved into his mouth! He had pulled it off the corner of the TV stand. I fished that out of his mouth and grabbed the others to throw them all away. I decided to quick sweep off the patio, so I stepped outside. I kept an eye on Oliver, who watched me through the glass door. It took me about 30 seconds to sweep off the patio, and, in that time, Oliver dragged out the surge protector from underneath the desk. I ran in like grease lightning! This boy... you cannot leave him alone for a minute!

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