Monday, August 16, 2010

Sleep, Where Art Thou?

Oliver continues his stretch of interrupted sleep. Last night, he passed out at 6pm and awoke at 9:30pm. Desperate for sleep, I nursed him again and then fell back asleep until he awoke at 1:30am. I woke Andrew and asked him to walk Oliver to sleep if possible, as I knew he didn't need more milk.

Andrew walked Oliver and set him in the crib once he was asleep. He immediately awoke, crying. Andrew wanted me to nurse him, but I was of the opinion that if I kept nursing him throughout the night, he'd grow to need it. I tried to stay strong. At 2am, I gave up. I got out of bed and walked to Oliver's room. I just stepped into his room when he stopped crying. I froze and watched him. He tossed and turned a couple times, and then he went to sleep. Yay! He did it!

From there, he slept until 4:45am. That's a little early, but I hope tonight will proove easier now that he's re-learned to put himself back to sleep.

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