Friday, August 27, 2010

Those Teeth Keep Coming

Oliver's been working on cutting his upper canines for a couple of weeks now. These ones are driving him crazy! I like that I can see the canines through the side of the gums. They're getting close to the gum line now, so I think they'll pop within a week. Hopefully, that'll give our little guy some relief.

He has his bottom central incisors, and I'm starting to suspect that the other bottom incisors are on their way in as well. He keeps feeling that area on his gums.

At the WIC office last week, he was teething like crazy and quite crabby over the forthcoming canines. The nurse who helped me told me about a trick she learned from a friend--green onions. She told me to wash them well and freeze them solid. Apparently, babies love chomping on them, and then the cold helps numb their gums. I had green onions at home, so as soon as we got back, I washed one and put it in the freezer.

When it was ready, I proudly handed it to Oliver. He thought I was crazy and dismissed it without so much as giving it a single chomp. Why is it this kid puts every speck of dirt, crumbs, and paper into his mouth, but as soon as I want him to try something, he won't? My little boy has a mind of his own; that's for sure.

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