Monday, October 10, 2011

100 (Attempted) Ways to Entertain a Young Toddler, Day 52: Doll Bed

As is typical, I chose today's activity from The Toddler's Busy Book. "Doll Bed," as the activity is called, is just as it sounds. You make a bed for your child's dolls or stuffed animals. The book suggests using a box and a miniature pillow. I had neither of those things, so I used our laundry basket. I tucked a full-sized pillow inside, propping up one end to resemble pillows on a bed. I tucked one of Oliver's old receiving blankets on top of the pillow to act as a sheet, and then I put a small blanket on top of that to look like a comforter, like this:

I excitedly showed Oliver the bed. He was upset! I tried to tell him that it was a bed for the new stuffed baboon he got for his birthday. I demonstrated tucking the baboon in for him. Oliver took the baboon out and chucked it across the room! Then, he started dragging the bed across the floor. It wasn't until he got to the top of the stairs that I realized he was trying to take the laundry basket downstairs to do the laundry. I explained to Oliver that we weren't doing laundry right then. I told him we were going to play and put the baboon to bed. This was Oliver's reaction:

I tried one last attempt to get Oliver to play "Doll Bed." I grabbed Monkey, thinking Oliver would like to play with his favorite stuffed animal. I was wrong. Here is Oliver grabbing monkey out of the bed:

And here is Oliver throwing Monkey across the room, right by his new baboon:

So, doll bed was not a success. I don't think the activity will fail for all toddlers, but it failed miserably for this one. Thankfully, it didn't take any real effort to set up or clean up. It didn't cost me any money, either. However, because all it did was make Oliver angry, it gets a D.

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Katrina said...

This made me laugh soooo hard! It's so something my daughter would do, down to the tantrum for not letting her do laundry! I found you through tip junkie & am going back through your 100 ways posts. They are great!