Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Baby is 5 Months Old

How is Oliver getting so big? I can't believe it! A couple of weeks ago, he measured in at the doctor's office at nearly 27". When he was born, he was 20". He grew more than a third in length! That's crazy. He's also more than doubled his weight.

We finished out Oliver's first full season (winter) and got ready for spring. Oliver's been outside a bit more, including going for walks and very short jogs with me. There've been many other changes and "firsts" this month. Oliver started crawling like a caterpillar, though I have yet to see that myself. Unless he's tired, he now stays awake in the car. Speaking of car, Oliver went on his first roadtrip to Omaha. There, he went to the zoo for the first time and even "swam" for the first time (swimming lessons start in a couple weeks!). Oh, and he got to meet his aunt and uncle for the first time! What else? He's tried new foods: sweet potatoes (didn't like), acorn squash (loved!), and applesauce (really liked). Actually, he's not even that bad at "helping" us with getting the spoon to his mouth. He's mastering rolling over from back to stomach, and although I've seen him roll stomach to back a few more times this month, he's not very good at it yet.

For the first time, I'd say nursing is not his most favorite thing in the world. He often pulls away to look at things or hang upside-down on my lap. The world is getting even more interesting to him, and when he's in a good mood, he'll sit and okay by himself for upwards of ten minutes.

Here's Ollie's monthly list of likes and dislikes:

Baby Gerber oatmeal
Arthur (Aunt Julie's French bulldog)
Acorn squash
Watching TV (We were at a pizza place in Omaha, and Oliver watched it from across the room!)
Ducky (he's now using the teething feet and loves the crunching sound of its wings)
Anything tactile (like the fabric on Julie's dining room chairs)
Wiggle. March! (An indestructible book from Uncle Andy & Aunt Erin)
Sleeping on his belly
Naked time
Playing with his feet
Playing with tupperware
Sucking on cubscout bear on his walker
Paper products
Throwing his toys on the floor so we'll hover him over them to let him pick them up
The ball rattle, mobile, and jungle gym at my parents' house
The light-up swing at Andrew's parents' house
Mommy (He often cries if I'm not there)
Daddy (He starts smiling and "talking" when Andrew comes home)

Being set down for naps
Getting his diaper changed first at night and thus having to wait a minute for milk
Being tired
When he gets moving in the walker
When I don't let him suck on the camera
When I take away something like a magazine when he starts mauling it

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