Monday, November 29, 2010

Mensa's Birthday Banner

Mensa sent me this birthday image in an email. You think it would have been an easy puzzle, especially considering that it's my birthday. It took me about five minutes to figure it out. Ha! I swear, my IQ dropped ten points since becoming a mother. I blame lack of sleep and inability to focus.

Anyway, I opened up my email and found this image. I kept staring at the frog, thinking, "Why did they choose that image of a frog with it jumping?"

I finally deciphered the birthday message when I looked in the middle of the puzzle and tried using the word "hay" instead of "straw" for the image. From there, I easily got "Hay two ewe," and then knew the first part should sound like "Happy birth-"

And there it is, folks. Hoppy Bird-Hay Two Ewe. Or me, rather.

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