Monday, November 1, 2010

Oliver Knows Mom

I haven't counted "Mooooom" as Oliver's first word because I wasn't convinced he knew what it meant. Every baby makes the sound "mamamamma" and "babababa" and "dadaddada." I haven't counted him repeating sounds I make, either. For example, I can say, "Mama," and he'll repeat it, but that doesn't mean he knows what it means. So, I don't count it.

Oliver started pointing to things with his index finger last week, and since then, we name everything he points to. He loves it! He points to the microwave all the time, and he points to his cup when he wants water. Anyway, we recently started quizzing him, and I was delighted to learn he'd retained so many words! Almost every time we say, "microwave," he points to it. I'd estimate he points to the fan when we say "fan" two-thirds of the time. For the first time today, Andrew said to Oliver, "Can you point to the Cheerios?" and he did!

The reason I'm blogging now is because Andrew came home and was playing with Oliver. He said, "Where's the microwave?" and Oliver pointed to it. Then, Andrew said, "Where's Mom?" and he pointed to me. Oliver knows that I'm Mom! I can't remember the last time anything meant so much. I teared up and clapped for Oliver. I'm Mom :)

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