Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Trip to the Park

I almost feel guilty about our warm weather. The east coast just got their sixth blizzard of the season! Meanwhile, we keep getting 50 and 60 degree days. Today in the Denver area, we had yet another 60 degree day. Oliver and I couldn't stay cooped up, so I took him to the park.

We drive to the park, as it's about a mile and a half away. As I pulled him out of the car, he screeched, "DJEEJ!" It surprised me, and I jumped. After a moment passed, I realized he was pointing to a little dog! He was so excited about it. He usually calls dogs, "JEESH," so I was delighted that his word is starting to become more coherent. The ladies with the dog laughed and said, "Oh! He wants to see the dog!" They let the dog get just close enough to lick Oliver's fingers. Oliver was thrilled!

The park was bustling with kids and parents. There seriously had to be forty people. Thankfully, the park is split in two; there's an area for bigger kids and a shorter area for toddlers. Oliver liked to watch the big kids run around, but his favorite thing was the wood chips (again). He wanted to pick them up and watch them fall, and he wanted to put them on the slide to watch them slide down. He also gave a few handfuls of wood chips to me and other moms. He thought the playground equipment was OK. He asked me to put him on the slide a couple of times, but he only tolerated the swing for about a minute before whining for me to pull him out.

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