Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Numbers and Letters

Olivers knowledge of numbers and letters has started to improve rapidly. He now understands the concept of "one." For example, if he's trying to eat a handful of something, I can tell him to just eat one, and he will.

He also recognizes the letter "O" in various settings. He points to it in books and such. Just today, he started pointing to letters on other objects. He pointed to each letter in the word "Cheerios" on his cereal box. He says something that sounds like "This?" when he wants me to tell him what something is called. Anyway, he started pointing to each letter in "Cheerios," and he was especially delighted about the letter "O" in the name.

I really like when he wants me to tell him what things are called. He touches the wall and asks, "This?" and I say, "It's the wall." Then he'll touch the bed and ask, "This?" The game continues for about half a dozen objects until he moves on to another game. Oliver doesn't repeat words and sounds very often, but he definitely has a large vocabulary in terms of understanding what words mean.

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