Saturday, April 30, 2011


Oliver is officially a year and a half today! Oh my!

Recently, we've been focusing on Oliver's letters. Oliver has mastered the letter "O," and he can find it almost anywhere--even on a keyboard. However, he doesn't say the letter O yet.

He understands the sounds of "G" and "S" very well. Usually, if I hand him the letter G, he'll look at it and say, "Guh!" If I ask him what the letter S says, he responds with, "Sssssss."

Oliver's shyness is getting even worse. He cowers at the grocery store when the clerks say hi. If I set him down on his feet in public with people around, he starts screaming or crying and has a complete meltdown until I pick him up again. I've ended up extremely embarrassed places, including the park. Yes, Oliver no longer enjoys the park because there are people there. He cries when I set him down on the wood chips. We went outside to play with Owen earlier this week. Oliver mostly freaked out when I put him down on the grass, and I soon had to take him inside. He just couldn't deal with being around Owen unless I was holding him. It's very sad, and I don't know how to teach him to be more independent.

Oliver's Likes and Dislikes:

*Watching music videos
*Stuffed animals
*Helping with chores
*Daddy (Daddy has recently surpassed Mommy as being Oliver's absolute favorite person in the world)
*Learning to kick and throw a ball (he's pretty good at kicking!)
*Nighttime routine

*Walking in public
*Dinner time

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