Monday, May 16, 2011

Baby Kicking? Part II

I'm still not sure what to make of the sensations I'm feeling. Two weeks ago, I started to feel an occasional spasm that felt exactly like a baby kick, but when a baby is much older (like 25 weeks). I finally decided that it must not be the baby because the feeling was so strong.

This morning, I was holding Oliver on my left hip and leaned to my right and felt a huge "kick" on my right side, near my belly button. It startled me so much! I was shocked how strong it was and felt more confident than ever that it wasn't a kick. No baby this early could kick so hard! I worried it's a weak muscle or something spasming.

Then, just a few minutes ago, my husband called. Oliver was playing with his bowling pins, so I took the opportunity to sit on the couch and rest. I sat down and talked to him for about two minutes when I felt a sudden, firm "kick" in the same place, about two inches directly to the right of my belly button. It was so firm and startled me so much that I let out a scream and dropped the phone. I tried to explain to my husband that it didn't hurt at all (it felt like a baby kick, but how could he know what I meant). He worried, though, which made me worry, so I called my midwife. She was telling me my "pains" could be gas pains. I understood she was trying to keep me from worrying, but I knew that I wasn't feeling painful gas. This was a momentary burst of sensation that feels just like a baby kicked me. It's not a cramping and extended pain. She told me it's certainly possible to feel a baby at 14 weeks, but I still felt like there could be no way that these hard "kicks" could be baby kicks this whole time. How is that possible?

Have any of you felt distinct, firm baby kicks this early? Enough to make you yelp in surprise?


Samantha said...

I *definitely* did with Jack and felt those movements very early on. It's crazy to think that I even remember it, but it's SO fascinating. Having been pregnant before, I just *knew* that's what it was. Congrats on your little mover & shaker, Momma!

whirledpeas1129 said...

Sam, that makes me feel so much better! So he kicked you pretty hard? I really feel like these are baby kicks, too, but this sharp so early?!

Linda Kush said...

Becky, I'll bet Sam's right, that it's a kick. However, it captures my attention that it's always in the same place. I suggest you pay close attention for the next week or so (maybe even draw a circle on the spot with a marker) and see if it moves. If it keeps happening in the same spot, call the midwife again.

Linda Kush said...

At some point when I was barely showing (no idea how many weeks), Jesse kicked so hard that I could actually see my abdomen moving dramatically.

whirledpeas1129 said...

When I saw my midwife today, she confirmed that my uterus is almost to my belly button. That made me more confident that it's a kick. I think I will circle the spot, though! That's a good idea. I've felt it 5 times in the last two weeks, so hopefully I'll feel it a few more times this week :)