Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Clothes

It might sound a bit depressing to other people (I'm not sure), but today, I decided I wanted to buy our upcoming baby a new outfit. I told Andrew that it'll help cement it in my mind that she'll be coming home with us in a few months.

Like a trooper, he went with me to Target while his mom watched Oliver (we found out later that they went to Costco where he enjoyed walking around, collecting free samples). We started looking at little girl clothes, and I swear he started having a minor panic attack. Andrew has just one sibling (a brother) and his mom has two siblings (brothers) and his dad has one sibling (a brother). I don't think they're very used to girls. I pulled out a few infant dresses and he declared, "That's not something she should wear until she's fifteen!" I finally selected a 6 month old yellow dress (on clearance!) for next spring and a little summer jumper (size 9 months) for next summer.


Samantha said...

First, that's not depressing at all!! Second, those are SOOOOOOO cute!! Keep an eye on the mailbox in the next few weeks....praying & good thoughts your way, momma!! She'll be here before you know it!

whirledpeas1129 said...

Thank you, Sam! I can't wait to have that healthy baby girl in my arms... but I'm definitely hoping that doesn't happen TOO soon. Hoping for a healthy girl in NOVEMBER! :)