Friday, November 4, 2011

100 (Attempted) Ways to Entertain a Young Toddler, Day 57: Carpentry

Like most kids, our son loves trying to do anything and everything Andrew and I do. Months ago, I'd purchased new doorknobs for all of the upstairs doors. I needed to use the screwdriver, and Oliver has been fascinated with the tool ever since. I let him play with it while supervised. He walks up to screws around the house (mostly on doorknobs) and tries to use the screwdriver on them.

Oliver actually does a pretty good job! He sets the screwdriver up to the screw and unscrews it in the right direction. However, he doesn't push hard enough to do anything.

Today, Andrew wanted to open up the infant swing to check on what size batteries it takes. Oliver eagerly offered his help. It was adorable watching the two of them together. Andrew helped him unscrew both screws. Oliver was thrilled.

As they were piecing it back together, I realized that this activity is one that keeps Oliver happy and occupied. I think it's good for his mental development and dexterity. So, I snapped a picture and made plans to post it on my blog.

I call it "Carpentry." As Oliver gets older, this might be expanded to other tools and purposes (hammers and wrenches, perhaps?). For now, he's happy with the screwdriver. I also want to add that our screwdriver is the magnetic kind that allows for us to change out the tips from flat head to phillips. Oliver also enjoys working on that, so, yes, the screwdriver keeps him busy for fairly long periods of time. Of course, it can be dangerous. You don't want your child sticking a tool in a socket or leaving small parts around the house for little ones to find. As long as you're able to closely supervise your child, then "Carpentry" is a good activity. I give it an A-.

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