Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pre-Pre-Labor Signs?

I wrote a post on Friday regarding the false labor symptoms I seemed to be having. The pains grew more intense throughout the evening and then suddenly stopped before bed. Before they stopped, I thought, "This has to be pre-labor!" No, it wasn't.

The weekend was full of aches and pains, but nothing that made me think labor was on its way. The pains were mostly limited to my hips, back, and butt bones. Today, however, I'm getting some of those stabbing pains again. It literally feels like a doctor is giving me a pap smear, which is why I keep describing the pains to my husband as being located "in my cervix." To all you ladies out there, imagine having a pap smear last about 2 minutes long. That's what I'm feeling right now. Stab, stab, stab. Not fun.

I haven't lost my mucous plug yet (that I'm aware of), so I don't think I've dilated much. However, I have yet to get an internal exam from my midwife. I go in tomorrow, and I hope to hear that my body is showing some signs of progressing.

Like my last post on labor signs, I'm going to wait a while before posting this one. I just don't want to get people anxious or unnecessarily excited about our baby's arrival when there's still no real contractions or other signs of impending delivery.

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