Monday, December 12, 2011

2011 Christmas Card

I just finish stamping the last of this year's Christmas cards. The last of glue lingers on my tongue, but I feel accomplished.

We chose two photos to put on our card. One is this family photo:

And the other is a picture we took of the kids:

I saved a coupon from Enfamil for 20 free cards from Shutterfly. I've never purchased or used formula for my kids, minus a few days with Oliver while we waited for my milk to come in, but formula companies are always trying to win moms over when they have new babies. I also bought a deal from Zulily for half off cards from Paper Culture. Although I've been happy with Shutterfly in the past, their quality of cards really paled in comparison to Paper Culture's. Shutterfly blurred our photos slightly, and it printed glossy and looks like a 4 x 6 photo rather than a Christmas card. I wouldn't have really noticed or cared, but when I looked at it against the other stack of cards, I felt like the money spent on cards from Paper Culture really made a difference. I plan on using them again next year if I can score another deal!

My husband thinks I'm crazy, but I kept a running tally of where this year's cards are being sent. Here's the final count:

Colorado - 19
Illinois - 10
Texas - 6
Iowa - 5
California - 4
Massachusetts - 3
Ohio - 3
Florida - 2
Georgia - 2
South Carolina - 2
Washington, D.C. - 2
Maryland - 1
Maine - 1
Missouri - 1
Mississippi - 1
Nebraska - 1
Nevada - 1
Utah - 1
Washington - 1

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Samantha said...

I hope one for the Schultz family in Illinois! LOVE it!